Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Dad does it again!

Well, once again we were treated to the Windsor Senior Center's 2nd Annual Senior Talent Show. Last year my Dad did a comedy act. This year he was listed as pianist/entertainer as he played the piano and interjected comedy between songs.

For some reason, I lost the focus on my good camera and couldn't get it back. As I was filming him, I reached into my purse with my other hand and got out my trusty little pocket camera. Then I didn't take any chances and filmed with both cameras--one in each hand. The result is two videos. The first one is poor but it contains his introductory comments and his first song, so if you can just put up with the fuzziness and listen to it until about the two minute mark, then switch to video number two.
I did pretty good with the jiggling considering I was filming in two different hands! I was so glad that he played one of my favorite songs, Beethoven's Sonata Pathetique.

Again, basically listen to this one up to two minutes (I am sorry you will have to cut and paste these as my blog won't let me post it here):

And number two:

I am also happy to say that he came in 3rd place!!!

Way to go Dad! :)

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