Monday, November 28, 2016

Too old to Rock and Roll

Finally I am getting around to telling you about the rest of our vacation. When we were at the Christmas Story House, we realized that we were five miles from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. We sat pondering on whether to go or not. It was not part of the main plan. Sure we love the 50's and 60's music that we grew up with, and finally we decided that we would probably not be this close ever again, so we went for it.

The building itself is awesome as you can see. I'll warn you if you go, they don't have their own parking. You have to find parking on the street or walk from a lot which we never found. We found a place and kept our fingers crossed that it was legal--as did others after us, so I guess it was okay. These were some of the sights on the way from our parking spot.

Now I don't know if we are old or just confused, but for the life of us we couldn't find the rhyme or reason of the placements of the memorabilia. We wanted to see the exhibits for a few favorite artists and we happened across some but had to ask a guide where the others were--he lead us in a long, winding path that made us not want to ask where others were. To be honest George and I both had the same preconceived notion that there would be wax figures and that you could pose with them and we were disappointed that it was not the case.

Some of the great artists had a good size exhibit and others barely had anything. We were told that they were mostly non-profit and that they rely on what the musicians or their families were willing to donate to the museum--some were generous and some were not.

Here are my pictures from our visit to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

I guess it was neat to see stuff that was used by these famous artists. 

George loved Buddy Holly, so we sought out this little display. 

It seemed a little odd to me, Johnny Cash's stuff in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Always considered him just a country music artist.

This caught my eye and I had to pause and take a picture. I admit that I never heard of Gerry Goffin, but after reading this bio, I should have. I find it sad that this man, who wrote many great lyrics, is not so well known, at least not by me. I am glad the R&R Hall of Fame recognized him.

It is surely an interesting architectural wonder.

And now we can say, "Been there, done that."
Stay tuned for next installment on our vacation.

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