Friday, December 30, 2016

Creation Museum

The Ark Encounter was the ultimate destination for our recent vacation but we realized that the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky was nearby and you could save money with a combo ticket to the two museums. We were so glad we did that.

The Creation Museum bombards you with so much information that I would love to return and I know I would pick up some new ideas or thoughts if we went again. It's too bad it isn't closer. We saw a church youth group there--what a fantastic trip for churches.

I am not going to explain all the many exhibits but might make a couple little comments. Basically I am going to just share my photos--especially because it is now two months since we went and I want to get this online.

The museum also celebrates God's creations of nature with beautiful paths outside.

This one got to me as to how badly Adam and Eve had to feel as now they had to kill animals to survive.

This is the cafeteria.

So worth the trip.

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