Friday, December 30, 2016

Miscellaneous/Random Vacation Pictures

These are two pictures taken in the side rear view mirror.

I liked the notch cut out of the mountain.

We saw some fun road side signs. It was fun to see all the farmers cashing in on bill boards in their fields.

A colorful Mexican restaurant we ate in.

We know we are not in Connecticut any more when soda becomes pop.

 A train place that closed the day before we got there.

 We were so impressed with this hotel that if it were closer, I would go just to the motel to enjoy a couple of days away. Reasonably priced (with a coupon) and so many extras. It was only 8 months old too.

This was the "living room"area with a separate TV. Couch could open to bed.
 Microwave/refrigerator/coffee nook.
 One TV.
 Beds and many pillows of varying degrees of softness or firm.
 Desk and chair, another TV.

The little things....never been in a motel room with a night light! This was part of the hair dryer. So clever.
 And then there's this clever invention--you can see the time on the side too so you don't have to turn the clock.

 Across from our room was the library and game room with board games and electric fireplace.

 The pool with a slide which George did go down.
 The hot tub which I enjoyed.

Breakfast area. There was a simple buffet and we were told if you had friends who lived in the area that you could invite them to breakfast for a cheap nominal fee. I believe she said they could pay to use the pool too. I need a place like this near me!

Comfort Suites
10 Lakeside Ave.
DuBois, PA

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