Sunday, April 6, 2008

Remembering A Friend

I believe today would have been the birthday of the nicest woman I ever knew. When I was growing up, she was a mother of one of the boys in my grade. I used to see her at church. I didn't really know her well then.

Then about ten years later, our paths crossed again. Imagine my surprise when I showed up for my interview at the post office and there she was. She wasn't the boss, but she was the only clerk and she highly encouraged the boss to hire me, which, of course happened 28 years ago next week.

Evelyn was the most caring, thoughtful and kind person. If someone was short a little on a transaction, she would put it in for them. There were so many people that never knew the times that they forgot to put on a stamp or did not put on the right amount of postage and she put it on out of her pocket. She was not rich financially, but she was rich in love.

She was the best example of how a Christian should live and she was a wonderful example for me. I have never forgotten the day that an angry customer was rude and hurtful to her. I felt myself growing so angry and wondered why she did not defend herself or say something other than apologize. After the person left, she told me that she felt sorry for that person because they must have something terrible going on in their life and I know that right then and there, she said a prayer to herself for them. She was the perfect example of God's unconditional love for us. The people from her church knew to come to her if someone needed prayer. God was first in her life.

I wish I could say that her life was trouble free, but she lived through many crises such as her house fire, her husband and son's death and the death of a sibling. She still remained faithful to God and steadfast in her faith. She was an amazing person and I have been so blessed that she was in my life. Many were blessed to have known her and many others did not even know that this woman was praying for them. How blessed we all were.

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