Friday, May 22, 2009

American Idol Bandwagon

Well, I might as well join the million other bloggers who had to blog about American Idol. Yes, I was rooting for Adam. Now, that being said, Chris is SO cute and he can sing, but I liked Adam for his diversification. You were always surprised by whatever he did.

I believe the voting system needs work. I saw a local TV station that spoke with a girl who had bought six cell phones and text messaged votes to be sent over and over. They said she voted 50,000 times! If she figured this out, then I'm sure others have found other ways. It takes away from the show. Instead of being able to brag that they got over 100 million votes, I'd rather they let each phone vote once. It seems like the winner is the one who has the cleverest fans who find the fastest waya to vote the most.

There is some publicity now that Clay Aiken is putting Adam down, but according to Clay's blog, he only saw Adam do "Ring of Fire" on country night. That was unfair to judge him by that one performance. It was truly hard rock and not everyone would like that--I didn't. How does Clay ever think he can judge by one performance? I didn't watch Idol back then but I bet that Clay had a performance that he would have not wanted to be solely judged upon.

Well, the consolation is often the runners-up do better than the winners. I have no doubt that Adam has a lucrative career ahead of him. I hope he doesn't do just hard rock.

Let me say too, as is no secret now, the finale was a wonderful entertaining show. There were so many great acts but I wanted to mention that I was pleasantly surprised by Steve Martin playing the banjo while they sang a song that he had written. The song was quite good. I have read a novel by Steve Martin and I knew he was a good writer, although I did not like the story itself. I was glad to see this good use of his talents--talk about another diversified talented person.

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