Monday, May 18, 2009

Pet Peeve

We really should stop making pets of peeves--it just encourages them. Anyway...

I can't stand what TV has done to the movie credits. After spending two hours watching a movie and commercials, they now shrink the size of the credits so that you would need the Hubble telescope to read them. Well, maybe just binoculars. If that isn't bad enough, they speed them up too. TV wants to get every little extra second of time and in the mean time, credit is not being given to where credit it due.

I think it's great that credits (when you can actually read them) often mention everyone from the grips to hairdressers to caterers to clean up crew to stunt men to anyone you can think of--including the author. Everyone should get the credit. I would be disheartened if my name ever appeared on one of those lists and my friends and family would have to take my word for it because they could never read it.

I hate it when we are watching a movie and my husband asks if that actor is "so and so" and I don't agree. We wait for the credits to see who is right and if they are not too small, they go by like the speed of light. Why bother?

I am grateful for the computer age and the wonderful website, Independent Movie Data Base (IMDB). It will solve any argument about any movie. Not only the credits, but trivia, goofs and pretty much anything you want to know about a movie. Sometimes I look up a movie before I watch it to be able to watch for the goofs or to share the inside info about trivia. You can even write your own review on the website.

So, that website is my only consolation to my pet peeve of untamed credits...credits that are unruly--fast and small. I'm sure there is no chance that TV will go back to the slow scroll, normal print credits, if there were, I'd lead a protest. But alas, I've found my way to tolerate it.

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