Sunday, October 31, 2010

Ben + Jerry's Ice Cream/Green Mountain Coffe

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The next day we headed out for the Green Mountain Coffee Visitor's Center which is at a railroad station. We were hoping that it was a place that you could tour. They have a short video and picture displays explaining their company. There is a store--no bargains to be had, though. They are a company that certainly gives back to the community.

From there we headed to Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Factory. Again, we were unfortunate enough to find there were several bus groups there at the same time. The management decided to combine two groups together. When we went into the room to watch the video, there weren't enough seats and some people had to stand behind and on the sides. We overheard someone say that in season people have had to wait 3 hours for a tour--listen to me, IT'S NOT WORTH IT!. After the video, you go to the observation area of the factory. This was the only tour on our vacation that wouldn't let us take pictures--like we could see any secret formula or something. Also, because the group was so large (and if you haven't heard, I have shrunk 2 inches!), we couldn't see too well. I decided to stay at the end of the group and get a better look--No! They have these blinds that automatically come down to move you along. I barely got to see anything.

At the end of the tour you are treated to a sample. Along the way, you are teased to try something new. Well, they only had one kind to sample and it had chocolate which George doesn't eat.

To top it all off the gift shop prices are insulting. I wish I could take a piece of paper, paint it black and white to somehow represent a cow and sell it for $5! Yes, they give to the community too, but I don't know if I appreciate their political stands. My ice cream tastes are more conservative.

There was one fun thing, though. If you walk way to the back of the yard, there is a ice cream flavor cemetary of flavors they tried but had to retire. There are headstones with clever sayings. That was the best part of the Ben & Jerry tour and it was free. Skip paying for the "can't see a thing" factory tour and "standing room only" video. If Ben & Jerry really cared about people....

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