Sunday, October 9, 2011

Salsibury on a Sunday

We have our own little traditions that we stick to for Columbus Day weekend. We always go to the Riverton Fair and Granville Harvest days. This year we learned that Salisbury, CT also has some festivities happening during this weekend, so we decided to take the ride up there to see what it was all about.

As we walked along the quaint main street, we found the WWI Memorial where my husband pointed out his father's name. We enjoyed a muffin and delicious cookie from a bakery. We were intrigued by the book stalls that the church uses to sell used books.

Along our walk we were entertained by the various scarecrows that people created in competition with one another. The next post will include pictures of some of them.

My husband suggested I take a picture of the house with the flag. It was such a unique structure. The part in back connects to another building just like this one in the front, except behind the pillars is a brick fireplace.

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