Sunday, October 20, 2013

A very good day

This was pretty close to a perfect day. We started the day going to church. On our way home we passed our favorite spot in our hometown of Barkhamsted, the beautiful reservoir. Of course, I had my camera handy and took some pictures. I am grateful that George realizes how much I enjoy taking pictures and he patiently pulls over and waits.


We stopped home to change. Then on our way to our destination, George suggested I take pictures of this other beautiful spot in North Granby that all local people know.

We stopped for lunch on a lake (thanks to a Groupon). This was our view as we ate outside. It was so nice.

After a short stop at the grocery store (short for me), we came home and I made my favorite Macaroni & Cheese recipe (called Thomas Jefferson's).

Then I tried a new vegetable chowder recipe, which out shined the macaroni and cheese, if I do say so myself--another keeper recipe. And as I type, a homemade apple pie is in the oven. George peeled and cut the apples for me. That will go good with ice cream tonight as I watch one of my favorite shows, The Amazing Race. A nice end to a beautiful Autumn weekend. I love to cook when I have the time and energy. Love to take pictures and here I am writing in my blog--I love to write too. Yes, it was a very good day. If retirement is like this, I will be very happy.

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