Saturday, May 6, 2017

Cape Cod May 2017 Part 1

Seeing this bridge always meant the start of good times when we went in this direction. This is one of two bridges to Cape Cod. We have spent many vacation days on the Cape and it had been a while, so we decided to go back for a few days.

Having seen a friend's pictures of a "resort" on the ocean and with wonderful off season prices, we decided to go. It was wonderful to have an ocean view room on a private beach and to hear the waves crashing on the shore.

View from our room--our personal balcony outside.

View from our other door.
Our room was second from right on second floor.


Lobby--on the rare occasion that it was open!

Now imagine staying here when you are in the only rented room for two nights and the staff leaves every afternoon. We were ALL alone. 

On one beach walk we found these balloons lodged in the rocks. Knowing this was a hazard to the animals, George dislodged them and we threw them away. I noticed that they had the name of a business on them and I looked it up. There were two studios and both were over 80 miles away--I'm sure quicker as the crow flies, but still quite a ways. I can't blame the business as they may have accidentally "escaped".

I "magically" (I like to think God-blessed) woke up every morning in time to enjoy the sunrise.

This was an awesome dog. The owner would throw the ball and after the dog retrieved it, each time he would drop it for the owner and lay down waiting for him to throw it again. So cute.

We walked several beaches.

We were walking along and all of a sudden I was sinking! It was damp underneath.

The day before we left, they started putting up a tent for a wedding to be held on Saturday. We saw all the long hours they put into preparing the grounds and putting up the tent and other preparations. I always thought wedding places were way over priced and although I still believe that, I have more admiration for all the work they put into such a shindig.

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