Friday, May 5, 2017


 Many could guess where we were recently by this picture. Some can't. For me, it was something that I was always told about because my Mother's ancestors came over on the Mayflower and landed in 1620. This is Plymouth Rock.

I've seen it several times before but since we were in the Plymouth area, I felt an obligation to pay a visit to it again.

I know the pilgrims and the outcome of their settling in America is sometimes criticized but I believe that the majority of them only had
good intentions and therefore, I take pride in the fact that Priscilla Mullins and John Alden are way back in my family tree and it is neat to be able to see where they started their lives here in America.
There are various monuments around town honoring this time in history.
 Imagine, after the horrendous journey here and then just how hard that first year was losing almost half of their community, they must have been in a constant state of mourning the loss of someone and trying to hide just how many had died from the Indians. They had to dig deep to find the strength and faith to go on. If my ancestors had been among those who died, obviously I wouldn't be here today.

 Tributes to the native Americans too.  This turned their world upside down too.
A statue to the brave and rugged women of Plymouth.

 Priscilla Mullins--she must have been a strong and courageous young woman.
 I find it awesome that she had a living faith in God, which my family still does too.

And for levity, there were the lobsters around town....

 Postage stamps on this one in front of the Post Office.

And now this fascinating monument. I had seen it before but never realized all the symbolism that is represented here until we saw a documentary about it. I wish I could recall all the facts. There is just so much detail. I had to capture each section, but there is still so much more story behind them than I can tell.

Her name is Faith and she's pointing toward heaven, with a Bible in her hand. I thought it was pretty neat that her hand pointed to the sun trying to peak out.

This part doesn't match the theme, but on this day we also went to the Marshfield Hills General Store. With my previous general store post, I had to check out this one--especially since it's owned by one of my favorite actors, Steve Carell.

It was quite off the beaten path. It is a cute store but quite little. Half of it is the post office. The store carried the quaint little things we found at other general stores, but there was no signature item they sold. Nice, but it's "been there done that".  Didn't see Steve.

We did make a purchase here. One less item on that shelf.

This is the view to the post office. I chatted with the postal employee, of course.

That was day one of our getaway.

Note to self: stayed at Blue Spruce Motel in Plymouth that night.

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