Friday, May 19, 2017

Sea Glass War

I have always been a sea glass treasurer hunter. Around my early teen years, we started going  to Cape Cod once or twice a year and the standard quote was, "You can't go home until you find a piece of sea glass." If I really believed it, I would not have looked for any. However, knowing the truth, I was constantly drawn to scanning the shore as I walked looking for something shining amongst the rocks. Sea glass was not abundant where we went, but there were some pieces. It was truly a treasure hunt. I became pretty good at finding pieces. I always felt triumphant when I found one.

When George joined our family adventures, we soon realized he just didn't seem to have the knack of finding it. I think it took him years before he found his first piece. Over the years he has found a handful maybe.

Well, when he and I vacationed at the Cape this May, the games began. I found the first piece, naturally. And then a second but then he found one. Imagine my surprise when he tied up the score 2-2.  I soon found my third piece. Now when George found his third piece, the big beautiful blue piece on the left, I was going to concede. I said that piece was worth several pieces because it was so pretty. But he was on a roll.
There comes a time, after 42 years, when I just had to let him win. Final score 8-4. His are to the left of the key and mine to the right. I had to start supplementing my treasures with rocks and shells. By the end of the trip, I had more rocks than pictured (can't go home empty handed) and yes, he did find the dime too. Once in 42 years, we'll see if he does so well next time.

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