Sunday, June 22, 2008

Boston Part 2

Okay, first let me mention that I think you can click on each picture to get a nice big view. The first picture is of the tallest building in Boston--an insurance company. I forgot which one. To the left of that building, see the building with the rounded top? That's where William Shatner and David Spader sit at the end of each episode of Boston Legal.

I took the next picture because we were interested in the architecture of the place. It's built so everyone who lives there gets a nice river view.

The next picture is not attractive, but I took it because of it's uniqueness. I think he said it is the only place that a boat can go under a train, under a car, under a plane. It didn't happen when we were there, but I thought that was pretty neat.

One other neat little trivia. We rode by a site where Henry Ford had his factory. It is said he got so upset with one employee, that he took his desk outside and set it on fire-thus the origination of "You're fired." Glad just the saying lived on and not the actions, can you imagine? I'd get nervous if I saw my boss going for matches!

Okay, this is continued on the next post.

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