Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Old Reminders

Yes, I'm alive! I've been meaning to post something, but...Today I feel very old because my daughter is 29! Where did life go? Also, lost a customer this week to a heart attack. That was quite unexpected. She was nice to talk to because she felt the same about the state of the world now as I did. She doesn't have to worry about it any more.

I interrupt this blog for a special message... Have you seen the new publication called the New Winnington Times? First I should ask if you ever saw the Otis Gazette? George and I would pick it up whenever we saw it--usually at the Log House. We thought it was a cute paper and always thought that it would be fun to start one like that for the Barkhmasted area.

Well, the same woman who started the Otis Gazette started this new monthly paper for New Hartford, Winsted, Torrington and the "vicinity"--guess that's us. It's small right now, but hopefully it will grow. The next issue is out June 4th and she said she was going to print an article that I wrote. The paper is free at various places around the towns, but if you can't find a copy, you can view it online--New Winnington Times. I really hope she can make it work.

In my article, I reference to Roxann who owns the Aerie Mountain Flower Shop because she has written two articles for the paper (this is only the third issue) and she and I went to school together. She is a remarkable woman. She was born with one hand and she got her pilot's license in high school, she raised a large family and she started her own business growing herbs in Riverton and has expanded to her current location next to the Log House. She has taught basket weaving (with one hand!) and now gives gardening classes, I guess. She's got a great personality. So, that was neat to be able to give the bookend view of her love for gardening and my ineptness at it.

Speaking of that, my lilacs are out!! Lilacs are my favorite. I was driving by a house on our street the other day and I had to stop and look because they have what I think are pink lilacs! They are beautiful. Well, as I was gawking, I did not notice that they were out in their yard. When I realized, I asked them if they were lilacs and since they came with the house, they did not know. I asked if I could smell them and got out of the car. Since they were working in the yard, the husband had shears in his hand and cut me off a couple of branches. He also said I could come back and get some little plants. I hope to do that. They are gorgeous and so fragrant! I'll have to ask Roxann or someone else advice on when is the best time to do that and any other tricks--don't want them to go the way of the plants that I mentioned in my earlier blog. :( My lilac bush at my parents never had baby lilac bushes. George bought that for me May 1975 when we were dating because he knew I loved lilacs. My Mom kept waiting for me to dig it up and take it, but it's too late now--it must be 10 feet tall--and besides it's 33 years old! Wow, I hadn't thought of that. As I said at the beginning, I sure am feeling old--too many reminders of that around.

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