Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Challenge For You

Here's a challenge for you.

I've worked at the same place for 28 years. Over that time I have waited on some of the same customers that long. They have always lived in town and I have seen them either every work day or at least once a month, depending on the customer.

I have learned various things about different customers. We have learned the hobbies of some and know who to ask questions about different categories.

There are ones who I have become friends with and have expanded our relationship to out of work. But something interesting happened last year.

I got involved with a Bible study group with this couple who I have waited on forever. I always treated them like a customer but never knew them very well. Last year I had such a treat in getting to really know them. I was so glad I had that opportunity. It was such a treasure that was under my nose the whole time. Look at all the years that I wasted not really knowing them.

I wonder how many other treasures are out there that we all pass by every day.
Here's a challenge...take the time to find out a little more about someone who God keeps putting in your life. Perhaps there is a reason that they are on the outskirts of your life all the time--whether it be a regular grocery bagger, a bank teller or a friend of a friend that you keep seeing--take the time to know a little more about them. You may get the greatest treasure--a new friend. I know I got so much richer from having those two new people in my life. (Not to mention a couple of other customers who I connected with and have become friends with--but that was a more logical evolving). Go out on a limb and ask that person about their kids or their home or what movie they've seen recently--show an interest and you may find yourself richly blessed. I hope you do.

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