Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Ride with Flowers, Coffee and Donuts

Well, for those of you in the area, I want to give you a suggestion for a ride. Take Route 10/202 out of Granby, CT heading into Southwick, MA. A couple of miles over the MA border you will see a big flower farm on your right. If it's the weekend, there will probably be a policeman directing traffic. The hours are 9am-6pm, seven days a week but it's only for May and June.

I went today and picked up a hanging basket that had four different types of flowers combined. It is so beautiful. They have such an assortment that is hard to decide. Then they have tables and rows and rows of vibrant colored flowers--some under a roof, some outside. I just wanted to pick up a few for my yard. There are so many--decisions, decisions. At only $1.49 for for a little slab, I got to pick up several different types. Now I hope the frost is finally gone!

Well after you've satisfied your eyes with the gorgeous flowers and your nose with the wonderful fragrances, continue on Rt. 202 about a mile and you can get gas for a few cents cheaper than CT. Then take a right onto Congamond Road and about a mile down there, go to Red Riding Hood's Basket and enjoy a coffee and pastry or breakfast casserole or light lunch. We love the atmosphere there too. You can continue down the road and check out Congamond Lakes, or...

If you back track to Rt. 202 and continue further into Southwick down the road...You'll pass Dunkin' Donuts on the left (how it stays in business there, I don't know because...) on the right look for the sign, "Mrs. Murphy's Donuts". Guaranteed the parking lot will be full and you'll see why. You could get a breakfast there, but the draw are the donuts that they make on the premises. The number one favorite is cinnamon. They are so fresh and a special treat. They do have many other pastry treats too, but everyone in this corner of the world knows "Mrs. Murphy's".

If you really want to make a longer day of it, continue to Westfield, MA to Stanley Park. A gorgeous park with flowers, picnic areas and hiking. In the summer they often have concerts on some evenings. It's quite big and a nice place to get away from it all.--I won't go into the letterboxes that are supposedly hidden there. We only tried to find one and weren't successful. We'll go back another time to try for another.

Well,if you were looking for something to do this spring, there's an idea, whatever you do, enjoy this beautiful springtime--it will be over before you know it.

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