Thursday, May 8, 2008

What do cats, boomerangs, colds and 4 am have in common?

I have been thinking lately about a cartoon my kids watched. It was about this cat, I can't remember if someone was trying to get rid of it but no matter what happened to the cat, the song says, "and the cat came back the very next day, we thought he was a goner, but the cat came back."

I am also thinking of boomerangs. You see what these things have in common and unfortunately they are in great company with my stupid cold. I haven't had a cold for several years and I am making up for lost time! I had a cold for two weeks. Snuck in a few days of feeling well and now it came back, it boomeranged. I am pretty frustrated with this. I had to cancel two things a couple of weeks ago. One I snuck in last week. Now this weekend I am determined to plug along and not cancel my re-scheduled outing Friday night, and last Saturday we cancelled because George was sick and so that's rescheduled this Sat. As long as this cough seems to be going away, I'm going to do it all-even if I have to take naps.

I actually slept straight through from 11pm to 4am without waking last night--I usually wake a couple of times during the night. AND I would have slept later except I was awoken by a kitty tongue on my face. Joshua decided that he wanted to express his love to me at that early hour. I have a hard time pushing away love, so I patted him and he kept licking and wanting more. I do have to say enough is enough after a while and usually if I roll over he goes away or lays on top of me. Cats are so funny. I can try to pat him during the day and often he'll say okay, but sometimes, he'll let me know, "not now". So, maybe I shouldn't feel badly giving him some of his own medicine snubbing him at 4 am! No, I can't resist an affectionate animal--unconditional love, nothing beats that.

Many people are having allergy problems and I found a nice website that compared colds to allergies. It clearly showed me I have a cold. I have heard of a few other people with this boomerang cold, or (I thought that once you got a particular cold virus that you wouldn't get that one again, I don't know) maybe it's back to back colds. I do think I have different cold symptoms this time. Whatever, I am tired of not being clear headed in my thoughts. I'll be blogging better when my head is clearer.

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