Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Great Flower Caper

Let me first give you some background about me. I do not have a green thumb, though sometimes I like to dabble with a pale green one. My efforts are weak, but last year a neighbor even commented on my little area by my park bench near the road. That encouraged me to continue on.

Last year I bought a little wooden bridge that holds flowers and I bought annuals to put on it. I also got some ceramic bird decorations and I have a container displaying my smooth ocean rocks that I hand picked on each of our trips. I bought a couple of plants. All of this is near our memory plaque for our beloved dog, Patches.

My kids gave me a gnome with a solar lantern for Mother's Day that will also be added to my little "park".

This year I got out the bridge and happily went to the Meadow View Farm (see previous blog) and put some pretty yellow and red flowers on it. Then I bought these cute yellow daisy type flowers that were also annuals (see how "into" flowers I am?--I don't know the names--though the tags are still in the pots.) I also bought some phlox that are perennials, to have something that might come up again like the tulips.

Well, I was lazy about the yellow daisy type flowers and the phlox and just kept them in their pots by the bench for now. I figured I'd get around to planting them in a couple of days. As I pulled in the driveway yesterday, I noticed the yellow pot was tipped over. Well, it was windy. I picked it up.

Today it was knocked over again and a few of the petals had fallen off. I picked it up again and tried to push the pot into the ground but it wouldn't go far. I decided tonight I would plant them.

So, I come home tonight and I couldn't believe my eyes! The pot is there, but the flowers are gone! I looked again. At first thought, I wondered if a neighbor kid had picked them, but we really don't have any kids who would do that. I realized something must have eaten them.

THEN I looked over and all the flower parts of the phlox were eaten too! At least if I plant those roots, they may come up again. I can't believe I've been a victim of flower theft.

I have been mulling over the suspects. We have some pretty bold chipmunks running all around digging holes. I have come home and had to tell one, "Excuse me." because he wouldn't move when I was walking to the house.

Then there's the kooky squirrels--flitting around here and there. I've been told there is a bear but I don't think he would stoop for the flowers when the neighbors have bird seed.

Alas, I think the guilty party is a rabbit. Rabbits seem so harmless and cute. How can I be mad at them? Now, I'm curious, why he didn't touch the flowers in the bridge. They mustn't be tasty. Maybe I should taste flowers before I buy them? I think I'll stick to gnomes, ceramic birds and things like that. I just can't force my thumb to turn green. It doesn't seem meant to be for me.

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