Thursday, May 8, 2008

Ode to Jason Castro

Well, I knew it was inevitable. Jason is off the American Idol. I loved his uniqueness. Also, it seems like all the others had more experience than him. Even young David A. has been in competitions and performed. I would rather they limited American Idol to people who hadn't performed or recorded before--give someone like that a chance. Well, back to Jason.. it's true I did not like his "I Shot the Sheriff". It's interesting though the publicity about all this. Even Simon Cowell said that Jason intentionally flubbed the words in the second song because he wanted to be voted off. They are even showing that he mouthed the words, "don't vote" when his numbers were shown. Rumor has it that he wants to go home to his girl friend and that he doesn't want to go on tour. I don't know what kind of legal problems he would have with that. I don't care so much about the tour, but I sure hope he doesn't give up on his career. I would buy his Cd's more than any of the others because he is different. In fact, I have bought several of his songs off of I-tunes. I don't want this to be the last that we hear of Jason.

So, now Jason is saying "hallelujah" and "what a day for a daydream" as relaxes "forever in blue jeans" "somewhere over the rainbow". "If I fell in love" with Jason, he better not disappear leaving me forever wishing for more like I felt about Jim Croce.

David Archeletta now gets my vote for idol.

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