Friday, June 20, 2008

One Recent Saturday

Poor abandoned blog. Where's Debbie? Is she sick? Is she on vacation? Where is she?

Here I am. Did anybody miss me? It's just that time of year--birthdays, anniversaries, Father's Day and picnics.

Last Saturday was Open House day in Connecticut with many museums offering free admission. We went to the Governor's Mansion and we met Governor Jodi Rell. She was very personable. What a mansion! George told her what a nice place she had and she said, "it's yours"--meaning our tax dollars pay for it. George asked her how often she stayed there (she does have her own home). She said about 5 times a week. He asked if we could stay the other two days, but she didn't commit. Oh, well. Worth a try.

The place is decorated so lovely with antiquey looking things, and many windows overlooking the pool on the side yard and the beautiful grounds in back. There's one room with a baby grand piano. It's 3 floors, but we were only allowed to see the first floor. We were treated to lemon ice on the back porch. It made us drool to see how some people get to live. As another visitor remarked, "I would just like the housekeeping staff."--No kidding!

Well, from there we went to the Old State House. I always find it fascinating to be in the same exact spot that history took place and from meetings to trials, it was a busy place. There is also a section for the museum of curiosities--a museum that used to be in Connecticut. There were weird things that I did not spend too long looking at (like a two headed calf).

Interestingly the Amistad case was heard in the Old State House building. Also, a number of witchcraft trials. They said before Salem, CT was the most aggressive. Anyone who went to trial from 1647-1655 for witchcraft was always found guilty.

We discovered a book talk on Christian Science was being held there and we stayed for a little of it. I was quite surprised, as I had made a pre-judgement about that religion and I think I was too hasty. I might study more about them.

Well, we rushed back to Canton after that for our annual strawberries and ice cream at the Methodist Church. We wanted to view the tag sale too, but it was thundering and lightening by then and we could only see the items in the basement and still found two little treasures. The strawberries were yummy!

We went home and freshened up and then went out to eat to celebrate George's birthday.

So, that's just one day of what we've been doing--I didn't even tell you before we went to do those things, George had worked and then had breakfast with a friend. I had picked up a little around the house and went to a writer's group. Why waste a day? We only get so many weekends in the summer. Hope you make the most of yours too.

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