Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Dog Paw Rock

As we were sitting on those big rocks, I looked down on the rock that I was sitting on. There was this perfect circle where it may have been blasted, I don't know. I happened to look inside the circle. You will see above that the rocks wedged in there look liked a paw print. Since Ben and I were talking earlier about our dog's ceramic paw print that we have, both he and I were amazed. He liked to think it was a sign from our dog in heaven saying hi to us. When we touched the rocks, they were wedged in permanently in the sand and rock. It is amazing to think that they landed that way when the rocks keep getting covered with the water as the tides come in. We were both were in awe of this wonderful find.

Then the next day we went out to eat at Cooke's for fish and chips. They serve a few onion rings on top of the platter. Ben put his onion rings on a napkin to save them for last. The top right picture is what we saw when he lifted up the onion rings--it was even hard to fathom how the rings could have possibly made that design, but we saw it as another paw print--other people see Mother Mary, we see paw prints. What does it all mean????

PS I've added a picture of our memorial stone for Patches. It's hard to see but that is another place that I had put some of my precious beach stones around. Also I keep my jar of sea glass near his ceramic paw print. All seems to tie in together some how.

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