Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Six more days...

Okay, I can't contain myself any more. There are only six days left and I just can't do it. I have tried to keep this a happy place, a mostly non-controversial blog--no politics. I did not want to step on toes, or perhaps I did not want to take a stand. Political choices are personal. This has truly been the most interesting and most covered election that I have ever seen. At times I've been fascinated and at times so sick of the whole thing. My husband, a political and history junky, is going to have withdrawal when it is all over. He's relished this and if his guy wins, it will be a sweet victory. He will be shouting just like he did when the Red Sox looked like they were going to make it to the World Series. The Red Sox disappointed him and time will tell if the election disappoints him too.

I am registered independent, however I am conservative. I have tried to watch different TV stations to see the biases and how different people react to the debates and speeches, etc. I even caught part of a special on the history channel that I can't wait until they rerun. It was on body language. I have been naive and was so disappointed to learn that besides speech making, all the candidates learn body language too. However, there are times when they cannot control their body language. I believe I heard them say (but I want to see it again) that McCain's body language was honest whereas Obama's was less so. In my gut, I did not need a history channel special to tell me so. From the last debate, I felt like Obama had a smug smirk which reminded me of another presidential candidate that I did not like.

What bothered me first was the Rev. Wright issue. I debated a friend about this. I could not understand how someone could continue going to a church and hear such things if they did not believe the same. My friend told me that she continued to go to a church when she didn't believe everything they said. Ah, there's the difference. She opened my eyes. I never realized that some people do that. My husband and I jump ship whenever a church starts preaching something we don't feel is right. Perhaps we take our religion more seriously? Besides that, Obama didn't just go to church there, he said Rev. Wright was his spiritual advisor. Of course, he has since denounced him, but only due to public pressure. He would never have done that otherwise.

Then there's Bill Ayers. It amazes me that this man is a professor. What a liberal world we live in. I saw the video of his wife, Bernadine Dohrn, praising the Charles Manson murders in horrible words. After 9/11/2001 Bill Ayers still said he had no regrets for any of the Weatherman's bombings and only wish they had done more. If any of you have been to the Spy Museum in Washington, DC (I highly recommend it), there was a large special section on terrorism in the USA and the weatherman were among the terrorists. It was quite educational.

I see that Bernadine Dohrn is still fighting against the government and here Obama was in their home when his candidacy was decided? Shouldn't this bother people?

Obama is close friends with Tony Rezko, a felon, who helped launch his political career. Tony Rezko was a global arms dealer who worked with Sadamm Hussein. Doesn't this worry people?

Obama clearly gave money to Acorn and they clearly have deliberately forged absentee ballots. I haven't heard that these are not going to be counted. It sounded like it would be too much of a hassle to do that--yet when Florida's ballot was questioned, we waited for that to be settled.

I never understood how Obama did not feel the need to pledge to the flag when this is the flag of the country that he wants to "reign" over. I would be so proud of the flag of my country. To be honest, often when I watch a parade and our flag is being carried and the patriotic music playing, my eyes well up. I am so proud of our country and happy to live here.

I will say that I was listening to NPR radio the other day and they were commenting on different neighborhoods and that they discovered that black neighborhoods were less likely to fly the American flag. They interviewed some black people and they said they still did not feel like this was their country. I find that very sad. I don't know what has to be done to change that. I wish they would consider the hundreds of thousands of white men who gave their lives for their freedom. Is this taught in the schools? America has developed special scholarships for black children and other minorities. I don't know what it is like for them, but I cannot understand how they still feel unAmerican.

Anyway, the list goes on and on of the company that Obama keeps. He has been in the company of some pretty scary people. If I could draw, I would draw a political cartoon of the White House with Obama in there and all these questionable characters looking out of the White House windows and of course, no American flag.

I also have heard on TV that people don't care about who his friends are. They care about the issues. Well, being conservative, I have to go the other way. Yet, if that were a supposed conservative candidate with all those acquaintances, I would think twice. To me, character is just as important as the issues. I've heard Obama change his mind on the issues several times. How can you know what he will do?

To be honest, he kind of scares me. I know he's not the anti-Christ, but I wonder about him. He does not seem to be a proud American (his wife certainly wasn't), yet I feel he is smug and has too many dangerous and questionable associates. I want someone running for president who is proud of our country. I haven't seen that in him.

He is urging people to take off election day. Excuse me, this is the man who is supposed to understand the middle many middle class workers can just take the day off? Or want to when they have only a couple of weeks vacation days?

Well, there I did it. I have surely offended or disappointed some--to which I say, get your own blog. It's free and very easy to do.

No matter what, pray for our country because it needs it.

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