Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My Cape Cod Treasures

My goal when I walk the beach is to find a piece of sea glass. This is a picture of my treasures from this weekend. The white and green pieces in front are sea glass. I found two, Ben found two and George found one (but who's counting?) But actually this is only the second piece that George has ever found. He's getting better.

Then there are the beach rocks. I love the feel of the ones that have been smoothed by the ocean and the others that have physical layers that you can feel. The baseball size one on the right rolls like a ball. I just am fascinated by the colors, the shapes and designs. I have always liked rocks and I cannot leave a beach without taking some home.

The rocks go into a container I have at my house displaying them outside. The sea glass is in a jar in the house, which is kept on the same shelf as the ceramic paw print--coincidence?

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