Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Cape Cod

This is mostly going to be pictures of our wonderful weekend at Cape Cod. We have traditionally gone to Cape Cod yearly (sometimes twice) to East Sandwich. My parents go twice a year and rent out this 5 bedroom house on the ocean and always invite us along. It has a lot of happy memories and we were not happy when we saw that it is for sale. With the economy I don't imagine it will sell quickly and they may still rent it out, but in the back of all our minds was the thought that this may be the last time we were all there together. If anyone has an extra $975,000. that they want to donate towards our purchase, you will make all of us so very happy.

Three of the bedrooms are upstairs with sliding glass doors to the ocean view. These are just different pictures of the house. I'll continue this on the next blog entry.

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