Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Big E Facts

I promised you a head count for the day we were at the Big E. Well, it was the highest day so far this year--150,889! And out of over 150,000 people we did see three people we know.

As I was reading the Big E's website, I learned some very interesting facts about how much money they bring into the area and how wonderful they are for W. Springfield--one of the many facts is they provide 3500 temporary jobs. I never imagined that many people worked there. I have copied some of the other interesting facts about the Big E and it's impact below.

$224,970,000 TO LOCAL ECONOMY

The Big E, one of the top 10 fairs in North America, not only provides a one-of-a-kind entertainment experience for the more than 1 million people who attend, it also promotes the agriculture and culture of New England and pumps almost a quarter of a billion dollars into the economy of the region.

In a study, conducted by Regional Economic Models, Inc., (REMI) of Amherst, Mass., the overall economic output as a result of tourism from outside Hampden County to The Big E is $224,970,000 with a Gross Regional Product (analogous to the national Gross Domestic Product) of over $150 million annually.

Eastern States Exposition (ESE) President, Wayne McCary said, "The annual Big E is a powerful energizer in the region's economy and while the Fair itself is a 17-day event, it has a profound year-round impact on employment, disposable income and tax revenues."

The study focuses on The Big E only and does not include shows held on the Eastern States Exposition grounds year-round.

Among the other findings in the report, the Fair:

■ Accounted for 2,800 full-time equivalent jobs outside the Eastern States Exposition. It generates 3,500 temporary jobs at the 17-day Fair.
■ Generated $85.1 million in disposable personal income in Hampden County, its home county.
■ Represents 16.11% of all Hampden County arts, entertainment and recreation industry spending. The Fair also generates 6.4% of the total sales in the accommodations and food services industry.
■ Adds $7.53 million to Massachusetts sales tax revenues as well as more than $468,000 in local hotel taxes.
■ In 2007, paid $1.28 million to the town of West Springfield, including $335,338 in real estate taxes and $171,331, or 1 percent of the Eastern States Exposition's 2006 gross revenues to The Big E/West Springfield Trust Fund, established in 1994 to benefit the town's education, youth and elderly programs as well as community projects. To date, contributions to the fund total $1,971,723.

So, now matter how you look at it, it's a good thing.

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