Saturday, September 20, 2008

Part 2--The Big E

These are the State's Buildings--one for each New England State. We always make our way through each one of these. We used to get a new free highway map for each state, but with map quest and a GPS (though we haven't read the instructions yet), we really don't need too many maps, so we only got a couple. We love to see the products featured in each state from Vermont cheese to Maine potatoes, CT's Lego's (this year they had a Lego Indiana Jones), etc.

One must for us is Mt. Moosilauke fudge in the New Hampshire building. These people appear to only sell the fudge at the Big E and don't care about getting any bigger. We think their fudge is fantastic and yet happily for us, they price themselves cheaper than any others. Every year we treat ourselves. This year I got chocolate peanut caramel (Yummm!!) and George got vanilla. We have never been disappointed in them--except we keep asking them to get a website or catalog so that we can order their fudge other times of the year. Oh, well. It's an extremely special treat for us once a year.

We usually get a Maine baked potato with the works. They actually give you almost a potato and a half with butter, sour cream, cheese and bacon bits for $5. This is such a popular item that if you will click on the top right picture, you will see the canopies---in there is a line that goes up and down in four rows and as you can see the line is continued outside. This is all for just the potatoes. This is the longest line we ever saw-we always started under the canopy in the past, so this year we passed on it.

We even had to pass on a couple of state buildings but a few hours later when the parade started, we were able to go back because they weren't as crowded.

Next post will continue more about our annual pilgrimage.

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