Friday, September 12, 2008

I'm not a dizzy blond!

I'm not a dizzy blond...just dizzy. I know everyone has times when they feel a little dizzy or off center. On Sunday I had that feeling from the moment I woke up. It would go away if I was sitting. I didn't think too much about it. Well, when I went to bed and laid down, I felt like my head was spinning. Then I got anxious.

After a not so good night of sleep, I woke up and was still dizzy. So, after spending several hours at the hospital and EKG, Cat Scan and blood work, they decided I had vertigo. Then I started to hear the horror stories about "my brother had it for 7 months" or "my relative had it for two years, drove him crazy"--this is from the doctor and nurse at the hospital.

They gave me a pill and a while later asked how I felt. I said I still felt dizzy, to which he replied, "oh, it's not going to make it go away--just make it a little milder." Great. So, about when I'm ready to leave all of the sudden I get nauseous and I worry that there's something else wrong, but the doctor assures me that that is part of it and he gives me another pill for that.

Well, I have never been big on medication. I think perhaps it works too well on me. I was so knocked out and out of it for the rest of the day. The next day I felt a little dizzy too, but by Wednesday I felt great (not taking the pills). Then Thursday, not as good, but today good. Well, talking to other people that's just the way it is. I do feel much better and I've read that it could be a one time thing or it can stay for a long time or re-occur. So, I'll just go with the flow. It feels better having been diagnosed--just pray they were right.

So, it's been an odd week. When I went to the local walk-in clinic, I knew they opened at 7am, but did not realize that that was just for lab work, so they took me by quiet ambulance to the hospital.--my first (hopefully last) ambulance ride. It was pretty bumpy.

The EMT was very nice and what a coincidence happened then. I told her my name was Deborah and she said that was her middle name, but when she got married she dropped it because they only used it when they yelled at her. Then I heard her say her first name was Jayne. She was Jayne Deborah. My name was Deborah Jane and I dropped my middle name when I got married too! How's that for a great coincidence!

The other eventful thing for this week is that I have to say that I finally saw a bear on my way home from work at lunchtime. The sad thing is that he was dead. He was on the side of the road, mostly covered with a blanket and a police was there with him. I feel badly for squirrels and any hit critters, so I was sad for this bear too.

So, a week of dizziness, ambulance ride, bear sighting, no cavities at the dentist and a coincidence--the ups and downs of life. Maybe that's why I was dizzy, though this was a relatively calm week. Life is often like a merry-go-round--which is better than a roller coaster in my book! I'll take my ups and downs slowly and in even doses.

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