Saturday, September 20, 2008

Part 3--The Big E

These are a couple hundred of the million, trillion people who were there today. Actually, they keep a count of the number of attendees on their website and I will let you know what that was on a future blog. Surprisingly there was not a lot of pushing and shoving and there were times when you had an area all to yourself.

One of the pictures here is of a man mixing fudge on a big slab (this is not our fudge people, but was interesting to watch). Food is another big attraction here. There is every kind of fair food imaginable from corn dogs, cotton candy, baked potatoes, tempura, millennium chips, french fries, cheese steaks, mini donuts, onion rings, ice cream, slushies, sit down meals and on and on. I won't tell you everything we ate, but our tummies were smiling. :)

I'll continue this onto one more post. As I've said before, if you click on an individual picture, you can get a better close up.

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