Saturday, September 20, 2008

Our 33rd trip to the the Big E

A little over a month before we were to be married, we made our first trip together to the Big E. I had only been once or twice before and that was George's first time. We enjoyed all the exhibits, entertainment and new products on display that we had not seen elsewhere. The Big E is the biggest fair in New England. The official name is the Eastern States Exposition. It used to run about ten days but in the last few years they have extended it to seventeen days and I think that controls the crowds.

We usually take a day off from work to go during the week, but this year due to schedules we went on Saturday. I think it is cruel to raise the price on the weekends for admission and for parking however, after seeing the million trillion people there on this Saturday, perhaps that's a good idea. Stay tuned for pictures of a couple hundred of those people.

First is George's favorite building--The Better Living Center which shows you the latest gadgets that will make your life so much better. There are things that slice, they dice, they clean faster and better than anything, they hold things, they mold things, they will amaze you with demonstrations before your very eyes.

The Salad Master booth was where we made our first major purchase from the Big E in 1975. We bought our first set of pots and pans. Well, actually our only set of pots and pans. These are the most amazing, sturdy stainless steel pans. They will out live us for sure. They were quite pricey then and even more so now, but we have never regretted the purchase. If he had bought cheaper sets and had to replace them over the years, we would have paid the same amount of money.

That was our first big purchase and over the years we have bought other big things, little things and small things. This year after the amazing demonstration we bought "the last glue you will ever use". We even heard some unsolicited testimonials from the crowd (always an encouraging thing). You only need a couple of drops and we bought two thousand drops worth.

We also bought some microfiber cloths that you only need water to clean windows, glass, computer and TV screens, tile, shower stall, etc, etc. We only saw the demonstration on George's glasses, so we'll have to put it to the real test. But it would be nice not to need to buy cleaning products.

So, the new products are a big draw for us. Next posting...another must see.

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