Saturday, January 10, 2009

"And now a word from our sponsor"

Well, no not really. No sponsors here, however, I did want to put in a good word for two new products that have come into my life.

The first is the H20 steam mop. I love it. You may have seen it on TV. You put a pad on the bottom, put water in the canister, plug it in and steam clean your floors--no more mop wringing or bucket dumping and no chemicals or cleaners needed (which saves money). I feel like my floor is cleaner with the steam. The mop is light. The pad goes into the washing machine and comes out great.

I will give you the drawbacks. First the cord is short. I am lucky enough to just be able to reach my whole kitchen. Occasionally it is hard to push--I haven't figured out exactly what causes that--the pad not wet enough or too wet, but it's usually fine. I am very pleased with this mop.

The second product is the magic eraser by Mr. Clean. It's a sponge, which again doesn't use any chemicals--you just add water and then it does magic! I will be honest, except for having gotten a free sample, I would have never went out and bought one. I thought they were too expensive. Well, when the sample they sent me got out coffee stains that I thought were permanently in my counter, I was sold. I gave my daughter one and it got out crayon stains in her coffee table. She said it was, "a Christmas miracle".

There are several versions of the magic eraser and I guess there is one with chemicals in it. I am extremely happy with the basic one. I understand you can wash windows with one and I'm anxious to try that too.

Seems like I am going green this new year--got rid of some chemicals. For those of you who know me well, you probably find this pretty funny that I am talking about cleaning since I hate to clean, however, that's the point. I hate it and here are a couple of things that make my life easier. If you try either of these and like them too, let me know. If you don't like them, I don't want to hear--only kidding. Not everyone can be right--I meant to say, not everyone can like the same thing.


Lauren Yarger said...

I personally found the Mr. Clean product unsatisfactory. I highly recommend Shout wipes, however. I never go anywhere without them.

Debbie W said...

I am really surprised. I couldn't believe what it got out and neither could my daugher. Shout wipes, really? But you can't scrub.