Friday, January 30, 2009

Right Hand Turns

I don't know where it was but someone had written something somewhere about leaving your driveway one day and just take right hand turns and see where you end up. Well, I pictured this before I did it. If I went right out of my driveway, I would go on this road that leads to a main route and then the next right would actually take me to the road that I live on--I would drive in a circle. The same thing would be true if I took left hand turns.

I wonder how many people live in that situation. I wonder what that says about me--I'm a homebody? Well, that's pretty true, though my husband isn't. Maybe it says we are spinning our wheels going in circles in our life? It can't mean that I'm a dizzy blond because I am not blond.

Maybe it means nothing more than the fact that we don't get to participate in this little game of right hand turns unless we make up our own rules--that's a thought. It'll let you know if we try skipping the second right and see what happens. Hope you can play it.

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