Sunday, January 25, 2009

Matching Socks

Recently someone said to me that old cliche, "Opposites attract" which is usually used when you can't figure out any other reason that two people are together as a couple. As I was trying to find two matching socks this morning--they have been playing hide and seek in sweaters from the dryer lately, so more times than I realized, I was putting only half a pair in my drawer--anyway, as I searched, I thought perhaps this is what is meant by that saying.

I found ones that were close but not exact. I do have a couple of pairs with the design only on the outside and therefore, one is clearly the left sock and the other the right. That would be how people are different. One has to be a left and the other a right, but other than that the size, pattern and color has to be the same to be a pair.

Although people say, "Opposites attract", they have to have something in common and I would say more than one thing too. I think in order for things to work with a couple, there needs to be less opposite traits--the more opposite would equal obviously, opposition. You can only live in opposition for so long. Mismatched socks draw attention and to me are just uncomfortable.

So, there's my observation today. People are like socks--messed up in a sock drawer or hiding in a sweater until some unknown force matches them up for a common cause. Sometimes it's so easy to find a match and sometimes it takes a long time.

P.S. My socks have been embarrasing to me this year. I was in the grocery store and for some reason turned around and there on the floor was a familiar looking sock--it must have escaped from my sweater. A man saw me pick it up and put it in my pocket. I wonder what he thought. The other day I was sitting down and I reached up my sleeve and pulled out a sock. My husband had a good laugh at my "magic trick". I was wondering why my sleeve felt a little different. Now I have to do a sock check before I put on my sweaters.

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