Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ithaca & Buttermilk Falls

These pictures aren't quite in the order that I had wanted, but the first is of the layers of rocks that we saw over and over again at all the falls.
This is the first waterfall that we saw in Ithaca. It's called Buttermilk Falls. We got an early start in the morning and we did not know that the state parks didn't start charging until 10am, so we went to two state parks for free--you know what they say about the early birds.
There was a path along side that you could walk up. It was steep and I was glad when George and I looked at each other and totally were on the same page that we didn't want to do it. The falls were just beautiful from where we were.
The last two pictures are a couple more of Ithaca Commons.

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