Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ithaca Falls (vacation continued)

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We next stopped at the information booth in Ithaca. While there I purchased a few postcards. As I looked at them, I saw Ithaca Falls and asked where they were. It turned out it was only a mile down the road and just on the side of the road (no state park).

We did not have to trek to see the beautiful falls--this blows the saying, "no pain, no gain" out of the water. For me, this was my favorite of all the waterfalls--it was wide and forceful and just beautiful. It was hot and humid and the falls cast a refreshing mist. George said all the waterfalls we saw were each so unique that he could not pick a favorite. It was neat that this one was "just there". People could ride by on that road and if they did not turn their heads, they could miss it. But when you do turn your head, your jaw automatically drops at the sudden majestic sight.

We were also quite impressed by the layers and layers of rocks at each waterfall and the various crevices that were made in some. They were pretty fascinating too.

By now we were ready for air conditioning and we proceeded to the Science Museum in Ithaca. Let me preface by saying that I love the science museum in Boston and I knew this would not be on such a grand scale, but I had higher hopes than I should have. I had asked at the information booth if this was a place that adults would enjoy and was told yes. Well, it is a great museum for kids and adults with kids. For two adults it was just a good museum, not great. So, we went into "kid mode" and "played" at the various stations from playing with dams, seeing how many decibels we could scream, to freezing our shadows and things like that. Hey, we're young at heart--check out my blog a couple of years ago with the picture of us and the big crayon at the Crayola Museum. You're as young as you feel (but give us a senior discount!)

We had a motel with an indoor pool, so we took advantage of that in the evenings.
The motel also had a hot breakfast buffet every morning, so that saved us money and time. The motel really needed improvements, but for the price, it was good enough.

Well, stay tuned for more exciting adventures with Debbie and George as I've just concluded day one of our vacation (well, technically day two because day one was getting there).

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