Thursday, August 20, 2009

Taughannock Falls (Vacation Continued)

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After we left Buttermilk Falls, we went to Taughannock Falls. I believe they said this was Indian for "between the trees". Let me also say, that we got an early start and had no clue that the state parks charged after 10am, so we were able to see the Buttermilk Falls and Taughannock Falls for free--added bonus.
We were standing on the platform looking across at this amazing 215 foot waterfall. It is the biggest, as far as height, in NY. We could see that there were people on a walkway at the bottom looking up. We thought that would be awesome and were told that you could take a road that would get you part way there.

Well, we got confused as to what road and ended up turned around. We parked and followed a path to no avail. As we were going back to the car and George saw a road going up to a bridge. He said he was going to check it out and I decided to stay back (it was nearing the 90 degree weather). Well, in less than a minute more he summoned me. There we were at the TOP of the falls looking down--Wow! I could barely look but so much wanted a picture--though even looking at it now I get the creeps--it was pretty scary. Well, I asked George, who is supposedly afraid of heights--can't prove it by me after this vacation.

I had to instruct him specifically to put the camera strap on his wrist as in situations like this I have a flashback to 1967 when I was on a class trip and I saw one of the boys in my class accidentally drop his camera in the ocean. I felt so badly for him and have always remembered that and learned from that hard lesson. George bravely took the picture. I did look down with nothing but this chain link type fence between me and a 215 foot drop. And to think we were there all by ourselves.

Anyway, we gave up trying to find the road that led to the bottom. If we ever went back I would go see this again from the platform and try to go to the bottom. I would not go to the top again. Once is enough.

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