Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ithaca, NY

First let me say to anyone on facebook, that I do not make these large entries to facebook rather, my blog is set up to automatically download to facebook. That being said, look out as a lot of entries will be coming your way as I blog about our vacation.
Our home base for most of our vacation was Ithaca, NY. Ithaca is the home of Ithaca College and Cornell University. These pictures are of Ithaca Commons. These are some of the sculptures throughout. The commons is a nice area just for walking with plenty of places to sit and even a stage, that I could picture being used by the students for debates or expressing their opinions. There are stores on either side that are obviously aimed at college students. If I were a freshman going to Ithaca to school, I think it would be very hard to focus just on studies. It looks like a fun place to be.

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