Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Message in a puddle

I love being aware of my surroundings and was delighted to walk out my front driveway to see this heart right next to my car. How could one not smile being greeted like that?
The debate is whether or not it was divinely created or a mere coincidence. Someone said it was a message from my mother looking down on me. I love that thought, however, I don't know if I believe that loved ones look down on us from heaven. It's nice to think of that sometimes but creepy to think about them watching every move. Does God filter what they see? Also, if I were in heaven, I believe it would make me so sad to see our loved ones on earth in pain. It wouldn't be "heaven" watching those suffering on earth unless God shared his divine vision to know the outcome and to know that all things work together for good.
Also of note, is the fact that this appeared the day after one of the sad anniversaries that I remember with my Mom. She was taken to the hospital on May 18, 2013 and spent her final month of earthly life there. I saw this May 19, 2015. If I saw it on the 18th, I may have really thought it was a personal sign from her. Though, my son did find a heart rock in our yard, no less, on the day of her memorial service and he believes it was from her. And it is another blog post that describes the hunt for a necklace in her memory--I was looking for a bird and almost gave up searching when I found a heart that says "Mom".
While typing this, I am telling myself I am a fool for not believing the puddle was from her. Or...are all these signs from God saying, "it's okay." It was a trick question when I asked if this puddle was divinely created or a mere coincidence because I love the thought that coincidences are God winks.  I believe he created all the earth, I'm sure he created this heart shaped puddle and he knew I would find it. It was a mere few hours later that it disappeared. It could have been possible that I never saw it if I didn't have something to put in the mailbox that morning.
Maybe God and Mom cooked it up together. Now that's a happy thought. Or maybe I have a super guardian angel who brings me to these things and I will be glad to meet him/her one day to thank them.
Then there are those who think according to the Bible, that the dead are sleeping until Jesus's return. These are deep thoughts and I don't think it matters whether we think they are resting peacefully until the day we are reunited or if they are lovingly looking down on us. I still "talk" to my Mom, especially at the cemetery. Maybe it's like talking to a person in a coma. It surely can't hurt and of course, it's cathartic for me.
Those who think the heart puddle was an accident, you can believe what you want. I am not saying it's necessarily a sign, liking seeing Jesus in your toast, but since God is the creator of all, I believe he created it--there in my driveway for me to see. Maybe he's reminding me that he loves me. It is sometimes hard to imagine a divine ruler of all the earth, all living things big and small, loving little old me. And if he loves me, he loves you too. He also knew I would take a picture of this and share it online. He knows me so well and because of that, I would say, this heart is for you too.
"We love because he first loved us." I John 4:19.
"The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning, great is your faithfulness." Lamentations 3:22-23.

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