Saturday, May 9, 2015

Mother's Day--Just another day

I have seen a lot of posts lately about Mother's Day and the pain of those who were unable to have children. With all the publicity of Mother's Day, it is like adding salt into a wound. I never thought of that before. Then there are also those who are estranged from their children. How painful that must be too.

One article asked pastors not to ask mothers to stand up to be honored in church on Mother's Day as it made those who could not be mothers, feel worse. I have an idea for pastors, how about have everyone stand up who had a mother?

That is what Mother's Day is about for me. Although I have two kids who I love and cherish, my focus is on my Mom on this day. Mother's Day was the last time I saw my Mom before she went into the hospital a few days later. She wasn't feeling well and asked that just George and I come and to make it a short visit. If I had known...

But that was how it was with Mom. Mother's Day is just another day. Holidays are just a day. She felt too much emphasis is put on holidays and it just makes it harder for those without family. She felt empathy for those alone. She lost her mother when she was in her early 20's around Christmas. She remembered Christmas carols being played on the streets as they drove to the funeral. That tainted her feelings about Christmas and I never really thought about how much pain she was in all those Christmases we shared.

I don't want to seem callous, but I feel those posts about not being a parent are part of the "all about me" syndrome. I am sorry and I know you are hurting, but how about focusing on your Mom? Change the focus. All the Mother's Day ads hurt  me too as I cannot hug my Mom or see her. Many people are hurting for different reasons and I appreciate knowing that.

I will remember my Mom with some tears and thankfulness but you know what? I just don't do that on Mother's Day. It's just another day to remember and I think of her everyday because each day is "just another day".

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