Saturday, May 2, 2015

West Point

We went on a bus trip with the Barkhamsted Seniors to West Point. Mostly I will let my pictures do the talking. I took many, and it's almost like choosing favorites among children. I have a hard time deciding which ones don't make the cut. Therefore, I am going overboard with pictures here.

First are pictures of the Dress Parade. Our seats were not the best, but you can see the splendor of the cadets entering and their precision. As always, you should be able to click on a picture to enlarge it.

These were retirees from West Point.

This s a picture captured in the middle of a salute by the man in front of me.

After the parade we were treated to watching parachutists jump from a helicopter and land on the field.

After this we went to the Thayer Hotel Restaurant for lunch. Excuse some of the pictures in this blog as some were taken from a bus.
 These pictures were taken behind The Thayer.

Lions and flowers in front of the Thayer.

After dinner, a tour guide boarded our bus and we had partial tour on the bus and partial on the grounds.
Our tour guide

Cannons are pointed down to symbolize the hope that our country will never have another civil war within our country.

This is a Civil War Monument.

Finally some more pictures of the Hudson River and the beautiful day we had.

Hawk flying by.
We were thankful for such a beautiful day.

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