Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Chicken Update

The chicken did get to its rightful owner and she was very pleased. She had six of them and this was the last one. Someone had said there was a fisher in the area. Whatever, something got them. She said this chicken was so tame that he would sit in her lap.--See I told you he was friendly.

I told her there was a list of people who wanted him. She said that she was going to move and couldn't have him and her roosters where she was going, so to give them her name. She loved her birds and wanted to give them a good home. So, I called the people on the list and I will be interested to see who adopts them.

Now see, people just don't know everything a postmaster's job entails--rescuing pets and then running an adoption agency. After 28 years, I could write a very interesting resume of the varies duties that I have performed.

I have a postmaster friend who is also a wildlife animal specialist and she can be seen in her office feeding baby birds with an eye dropper. She is a wonderful animal lover who helps wild animals in crisis for no monetary compensation. I go to her for all my animal advice before contacting a vet and she has always been accurate and has saved me a vet bill at times.

Oh, yeah, we sort mail too. In fact, don't get me going on all the duties a postmaster does on a regular basis when we are not saving birds. They have never come up with a job description for all the duties because it is ever changing and ever expanding. My friend and I are ever-tired. We've tried to make a list, but have never felt it complete because we always think of something else later. And anyway, what are we going to do with the list except step back and say, "we do all that." And just when you think your list is done, a chicken crosses the road.

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