Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Part Five of A Few Days Away

Leaving Block Island. I fussed with the picture with the American Flag from the ferry. As I've said before, please click on the pictures to get the full beauty of them (if I do say so myself). Just remember to use the back arrow to come back or you'll be bumped off the blog.

The three sunny pictures are as we were leaving Block Island. The dramatic cloudy pictures were when we landed at Point Judith and rushed to our car before a down pour. Now, they aren't in order, but the top one of the last three in the left column was taken from the car. If you click on it and look real, real carefully, you will see a rainbow. I tried to capture it in all it's glory, but I had to retrieve the camera and wait for the car to be aligned perfectly again (all the while supposed to be helping George read road signs and of course, I missed one...but how often do you see a rainbow?).

So, are you ready for part six? Talk about stretching out three days! I just don't know how else to break down the pictures, sorry.

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