Friday, August 1, 2008

Why'd the Chicken Cross the Road?

It's obvious that I lead a simple life by the things that I enjoy or find interesting. This morning before I opened up the post office, I was in the back room unloading and I heard someone come to the back door. It was a customer that I knew and I figured he wanted some mail favor, however, that was not the case. He wanted me to look at this bird across the street that was laying on the grass in front of the school. He said he never saw anything like it before. (This picture is almost accurate, though the one we saw had a much prettier white head and it was all white and not so much red).

He said he was going to go home and look in a bird book to see what kind it was. I told him we had a bird book there (one employee bought it for the office when we had another bird that bird lovers from all over were coming to see because they seemed to be nesting only in Hartland). He looked and looked in the book while I was unloading the mail and also watching the bird who had now decided to cross the road (why I don't know, but I think it was to come and see us.)

He was smart enough to speed it up when there was a car. He wandered by the mail collection box out front and slowly made his way to us. He squawked at us a little. It became evident that it was not a wild bird but belonged to someone. Another customer said it was a Polish Chicken. The first customer and I did not know if he was pulling our leg and that it was some kind of joke. After searching the Internet, I learned that it was true.

Well, I never thought I'd ever find a chicken cute, but this one was cute and kind of personable. He obviously wanted something to eat. He would have come into the post office in a second had I left the door open. I called the animal control officer, who I know would treat him well and try to find his home. Someone thought they knew the owner and that a fox had gotten into their coop last night and perhaps he had run this way. I'll have to find out if he got to his owner okay--if not there is a list of three people who want him! No, I'm not one. He was cute, but I like animals that you can pet.

So, why'd the chicken cross the road? To meet the wonderful people across the street...or to find something to eat. Or, just maybe, he was applying for a job to replace the eagle as the post office's new mascot. You think?

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