Monday, August 18, 2008

Part One of A Few Days Away

I just had almost two weeks vacation. I haven't had that long a vacation in I can't remember when. Most of the time was spent at home tackling projects that there are never enough hours for during normal life--how sad that is "normal". Why can't normal be vacation? I was dreaming of a day at the water, having lunch and reading a book. The day I attempted that, I ended up there just as the thunder came. I defiantly ate my sandwich and safely looked at the water from my car watching the three families left there, letting their kids play in the water--no respect for nature.

Almost every day of my vacation threatened storms and usually followed through with that--some very torrential rains--got hailed on one day while loading groceries in the car. I was in awe, though, of some of the most dramatic clouds in the sky. I kept promising myself to put my camera in my pocketbook.

Well, we did get away and I wanted to share some photos with you. I just spent about two hours trying to remember how to put pictures on the blog. I keep trying to write down the steps, but I swear my computer keeps changing the rules on me.

Anyway, on our way to the Connecticut shore one pretty morning, we stopped in Norwich. We had been by this spot many times but never really paid notice. I forgot why we decided to stop. This was a beautiful little landing with very friendly geese and swans to greet us. There was a group of retired gentlemen having their morning coffee around one of the tables.

At another table (look how neat they are with the game board painted on them, ready for chess or checkers) another man was reading a paper with his coffee. George loves to talk to strangers (guess his mother never taught him any better). He always likes to prove to me that most times people are very willing to engage in a conversation. This man pointed out all the new features of this little park--so quaint. He also told us that you could see the fireworks (I think from the casinos), and across the way were restaurants that had entertainment that you could hear in the evenings. He said people stay in that park until 2 am. He said it is well police patrolled because of previous problems with drug dealers and it had nice night lighting. It made George quite envious that we did not live near such a spot to go hang out.

As we were leaving a young couple were arriving with their child to watch the geese. Glad to see people appreciate that place.

Well, that was on our way to our few days of recreation. Stay tuned for the rest soon and the pictures get even better. By the way, you can click on the pictures to enlarge them and they look so much better when you do.

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