Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Part Two of A Few Days Away

These pictures were taken at Ocean Beach Park. This was one of those days when chance of storms threatened. You can see the ominous clouds. I have found the various storm clouds lately fascinating.

I used to go to Ocean Beach Park as a kid--mostly to the penny arcade. I don't remember much else and of course, everything is changed. I don't think the boardwalk was there and certainly not the waterslide. Still it is beautiful just to be by the ocean. There was a little nature walk area where ocean and fresh water meet, but the thunder made us think twice about pursuing that, but I did get to see some kind of crane type bird before we left. Click on the storm cloud picture up above and you will see him in the water and his reflection. Clicking on the pictures gives you a much better view, but use the back button or you will log off the blog.

We made it to the arcade just before some torrential rains. We were forced to play a few games to kill the time--to be honest, I love some arcade games. I like Dave and Busters, which is a grown up arcade/restaurant combined. We've only been to the one in Pennsylvania. Good thing there isn't one here or I'd want to go. George is not big on the games, but did do a couple. He likes the skill type more so, like skee ball or hitting gophers on the head with a mallet. We cashed in our ticket winnings for penny candy.

Speaking of arcades, if anyone remembers Savin Rock (long gone)--another amusement place by the shore with rides and games, there is a museum dedicated to it that we went to last year. I very much enjoyed watching the movie about it and looking at the exhibits. I remember it was one of our favorite places. They had these arcade type machines that had the crane. It was filled with all kinds of loose penny candy (and it only cost a penny to play!) The crane would come down and you easily got a handful of various little candies. My Mom used to bring a small brown paper bag to put our winnings in.

Well, I've really digressed this time. I think a lot of our days away were about memories too.

We spent the night at a Days Inn in Mystic. For those of you who don't know, when you are on the road, go to any tourist stops and pick up a Room Saver booklet. These are filled with just discount coupons for lodging. They offer great savings, however, many times the motels have told us that their quota for those rooms are gone for the night. We lucked out this time and were able to stay for $67. a night. I cringed when I heard another person come in and ask for the same type room and had to pay $139. a night. He even said, "Sounds good to me." I guess what he doesn't know...I just double checked and sure enough, you can even get these coupons on line at

Down in that part of the state we kept seeing this restaurant chain called Tim Hortons. George was determined to try it and we did one day. He was secretly hoping for a closer replacement for his beloved Bob Evans which is not located in CT. We were shocked when we went inside and it is just basically a sandwich/donut shop. We did try it and it was okay, but now we know.

We also went to Old Mystic Village--not the seaport. This is a neat collection of little shops from sports memorabilia, to Munsons chocolates, to a general store, to an army navy--but all small and quaint and in a beautiful setting with walkways and a little pond with ducks. It was fun just to walk around.

Stay tuned for part three with many more pictures as we leave CT.

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