Sunday, February 24, 2008

Chili, A Play and Me, trying not to gripe

Well, I promised not to gripe. Yesterday George and I got up at 6:30am (late for George) and cleared off the several more inches of snow that fell in the night. Then we both went to work for four hours each. After lunch I reminded George that we had plans that evening and that he should take a nap. He got about a half hour, I think I got ten minutes.

Our first stop that evening was to a church chili cook-off. There were over 20 crockpots of chili dishes--each one uniquely different. We only sampled 3 or 4. It is interesting how chili can take on so many different styles. We really liked two of the ones we tried. Then the various homemade desserts were stupendous!

From there we went to a favorite little playhouse to see a staged reading. I am not going to name the theater because we love it and have never been disappointed. We have also been to a couple of staged readings (one there) and have enjoyed them.

We got our favorites seats and settled down to be entertained. From the first five minutes my thoughts were, "oh, please don't let the whole thing be like this." I was having a hard time listening to the long introduction. I do not like being read to normally. George loves books on tape or if I read to him. I thought he was probably more "into" this than me. There were ten reader/actors. Much as I tried, I could not find a plot. I believe it was just a day in a town and the various characters. Ocassionally there was something to chuckle about. We caught some of those lines. It was warm in the theatre and I was fighting so hard to keep my eyes open. I prayed I wouldn't embarass myself by falling asleep, per chance to snore. I did doze a couple of times. I tried to glance at George to see if he were as bored as I was. He seemed okay. He did chuckle at a few lines, so I figured I was just too tired--should have had a longer nap. I was praying that he would want to leave at intermission. What if he liked it? How could I possibly stay awake for another hour? Maybe I would sleep in the car, I thought--even though it was only 30 something degrees outside.

Finally it was intermission. George stood up. He asked, "Is it over?" I said, "No, I believe it's intermission." He said, "Well, if it isn't over, it should be." Inside I said, "YES!" I quickly told him, "If you want to leave, I'm okay with that."

There were a couple of other people who went outside to get fresh air or a smoke. None of them kept walking to the parking lot like we did. We have never done that before. We felt like we were committing a crime. When a car went to pass us out on the way home, I imagined it was the police and that they would pull us over...

"You were seen leaving the playhouse before the play was over."

"Oh, really, officer? We thought it was over. That was just intermission? We are truly sorry. We didn't mean to offend anyone."

Thank goodness they don't give tickets for that. I am so thankful that George felt the same way I did. See, I'm not griping. I'm thankful.

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