Saturday, February 23, 2008

One, Two, Three, Four...letter, fletter, flat...just shoot me now

It's the dreaded time in the post office--the Rural Route Mail Count. The last one was 2006. A little background for you, the post office pays some people salaried (or exempt), some people hourly and some people "evaluated pay"--which is the rural carriers (city carriers get paid by the hour). Every year or two the post office has a mail count--sometimes it's two weeks sometimes it's a month. I am grateful this time it is only two weeks, though the carriers are complaining that this may not be a true picture for only two weeks.

Starting today I have the distinct "pleasure" of counting every piece of mail the carrier is going to deliver each day. I will say that we are now on this system called DPS, so I did not have to count the 888 letters that he had today that came that way(I used to). I did have to count all the flats (magazines and catalogs and large envelopes), packages and other letters and then I had to count separately how many pkgs had to be scanned or signed for and how many change of addresses he processed and his return to sender letters, forwarding, mail he collected and time him with a stop watch while he loads his car. There are other things too--there's a whole chart. I was tired before I began. Then there is transferring info to the computer daily. There are some pieces that have to be challenged--are they a letter or a flat? These are "fletter" pieces. We have to get out this measuring tool and the rule book to decide--same with some of the small pkgs.

I can't tell you what a joyous time this is for me. I can't even keep up with the paperwork on a normal day. I am so happy for this extra burden. It seems lately for me blog=gripe. I am sorry about that. I promise next time it won't be. But I am also informing the world of why people go postal. This is a public service out for extra grumpy postal people the next two weeks.

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