Wednesday, February 6, 2008

What's the weather?

I think living in New England creates people who plan better and are more adaptable to change. For some of us, we are prepared if we can't get around for a couple of days due to a major snow storm. Many will rush to the store to stock up on those last minute staples like bread or milk to see us through. This does slow us down a bit because everyone has the same idea and the lines are long.

We change our plans with the weather. There is a smaller percentage who it's still "all systems go" with their 4 wheel drive. In the small post office where I work I have seen people come by snow mobile, cross country skis and of course, by foot.

This environment teaches us to be prepared and to watch the weather forecast. I usually watch the weatherman every morning to be ready for the day, that is if the weatherman is right.

Off and on people will question my knowledge of the forecast and usually I can repeat what I heard the weatherman say. The other day a customer asked me and I said, "I think it's supposed to start sleeting and freezing rain at 3pm and changing to rain later tonight. Then I recalled that the weatherman had said something about 9pm and something about the morning commute. I wondered if I were confusing my days. I almost corrected my statements but I wasn't sure what to correct it to, so I said, "No. I made that all up. I don't know what the weather is going to be."

Fortunately the customer laughed and he said, "Why not, you can guess just as well as the weatherman."

Weather information is just one of the many extra services included for free with my postmaster duties. Next time I'll tell you about another service I regularly provide. Right now I'm going to watch the weather report so I'll be prepared for tomorrow.

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