Friday, February 8, 2008

Mrs. George Washington

Yes, I am married to George Washington. In answer to all your questions: No, my name is not Martha (that's his sister). His father and grandfather were Georges. No, we don't know if he is a decendant of George Washington, but probably not since George did not have any children. Yes, my husband looks good for his age. No, he's never chopped down a cherry tree. Yes, he is honest.
No, our address is not Mount Vernon. Yes, he's gotten kidded about his name. No, he will not sleep at your house just so you can say, "George Washington slept here." No, he is not related to the president, he and President Bush are not related. Yes, his birthday is George Washington's birthday, June 15th--well, this George Washington that is.

I probably left something out, you can let me know if you have other questions.

I do get President's Day off. :)

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