Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

I remember Valentine's day as a kid, a few days before Valentine's Day the teachers would build it up and hand us out a class list of all the names so that we wouldn't forget anyone. (Unfortunately, someone always got less Valentine's cards, no matter what the teachers did.) We also were given red and white construction paper and time in class to make our big envelope to hold the many greetings we would get. I think the card companies made the same ones every year, with talking animals the most common theme: "bee mine" with a bee; "I couldn't bear it if you'd say no, Valentine" with a bear of course, and "I long for you to be my Valentine" (a giraffe). I don't remember when they started adding the latest toys like Barbie, or cartoons to Valentines. Some even came with a conversation heart candy or a heart shaped lollipop. I have seen pictures, but am way too young to remember the Victorian couples on old Valentines.

Well, it was a fun day. When I became I mother, Valentine's took on a new meaning. First when the kids are in pre-school, they are too young to address or sign their 20cards and Moms are to bring a treat for the class too. You would think as they got older that it would get easier. Well, it seems like I still had to assist them--make sure they wrote one for everyone. Heaven forbid too, that you don't let them pick out the Valentine's themselves.

Somehow it seemed like Valentine's Day was the favorite holiday for the kids when my kids where in school. I don't know what made it more special--was it because it presented a chance to hint that you liked someone without fear of being laughed at? Was it the sugar rush of the goodies? Was it the puns on the cards? Maybe it was the combination of it all especially in the dead of winter.

Well, my kids are grown now. I made my husband his favorite peanut butter fudge for Valentine's Day. He gave me a box of chocolates. We are going to go out for dinner too. Nice and simple, but you know what? I think I miss the silly little Valentine's puns. Oh, well.

A friend sent me an email today--obviously not in the Valentine spirit. He said, "Al Capone was the only one who really knew how to celebrate Valentine's Day." Yikes.

Well, I just wanted this little bird to tell you that I think you're tweet and I know you would bee mine because you know I can't bear the thought of not being your Valentine. My cat says you're purrfect for me. There I feel better now that I got those puns out.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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